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Resolution to extend the full support of MedNetOne Health Solutions and its board of directors toward the passage of Wyatt’s Law by the Michigan Legislature (currently a set of three bills: House Bills 4973, 4974 and 4975)

May 8th, 2016

Authored by: Al Juocys, DO/Chief Medical Officer, Ewa Matuszewski, CEO, (list other board members and titles)

MedNetOne Health Solutions (MedNetOne) offers Resolution 001, effective DATE, with the full support of its board of directors:

Whereas, society’s most vulnerable individuals are children needing protection not only at the family level but from a wide-ranging community of concerned supporters, including physicians, clinicians, teachers, school officials, law enforcement, government officials and neighbors

Whereas the existence of any degree of physical or emotional child abuse is unacceptable and any and all efforts should be taken to prevent the occurrence of and/ or potential for abuse.

Whereas, following the tenets of population health, children are to be cared for and protected as a distinct segment of the healthcare population

Whereas, there is currently no state-wide registry in Michigan that tracks the names of individuals who have been convicted of harming a child,

Whereas, the existence of a state-wide registry would help decrease child abuse through easy access to screening for and background research on convicted child abusers,

Therefore, be it resolved that the board of directors of MedNetOne Health Solutions is in full support of the proposed Wyatt’s Law, to create a searchable online child abuse registry run by the Michigan State Police and accessible to the public, listing the names of individuals convicted of harming a child.

Support of MedNetOne ‘s Resolution 001 will be demonstrated through petitions available for signing at MedNetOne primary care physician member offices, outreach to legislators and by voicing support at professional events and associations where MedNetOne has a platform to discuss the issue.

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