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Health and Wellness

At MNOHS, we actively seek out new and creative ways to engage with our patient population for better holistic health, whether directly or through our provider members. At the heart of health and wellness is the goal of establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our health and wellness programs are designed to provide patients with the tools and resources to achieve this goal.

Our health and wellness programs include:

  • Matters of Balance
  • CCTT (Community Care Travel Team)
  • DSME (Diabetes Self Management Program)
  • DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program)
  • PATH (Personal Action Toward Health – PATH)
  • RTeam (Reshaping through exercise, attitude and meals)

These programs include a variety of workshops, classes, and educational sessions geared toward the specific needs of patients/consumers. We provide various programs designed to target all ages. Our health and wellness programs emphasize self-management skills and educate individuals on strategies that support a healthy lifestyle.

MNOHS Care Management programs support physician efforts to participate in government funded or government led programs geared to specific populations. Such programs include:

  • HICM (High Intensity Care Management)
  • MiPCT (Michigan Primary Care transformation)
  • SIM (State Innovation Model)

HICM and MiPCT are designed to help specific patient populations (i.e. Medicare patients) with processes and support systems that provide high-quality, cost effective care.

Models of Care focus on various communities and patient-centered health initiatives. These models target improved patient health and outcomes through high quality, cost effective care.
MedNetOne Health Solutions supports the following Models of Care:

  • OSC (Organized System of Care)
  • PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home)
  • PCMH-N (Patient Centered Medical Home Neighborhood)
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