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Michigan Primary Care Transformation Project (MiPCT)

MedNetOne Health Solutions is actively involved with the Michigan Primary Care Transformation Project (MiPCT), a multi-year multi-payer CMS demonstration project aimed at improving health in the state, making care more affordable, and strengthening the patient-care team relationship. MiPCT is state-wide in scope and is the largest Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) project in the nation. Five hundred primary care practices and 1,800 primary care physicians that are affiliated with one of 41 physician/physician hospital organizations (POs/PHOs) are eligible to receive payments.

Assistance and support for practice transformation takes place through a collaborative network of POs/PHOs and shared learning opportunities facilitated by the MiPCT administrative staff. Focus areas for transformation under the demonstration include care management, self-management support, care coordination and linkages to community services.

The Project works toward a common incentive model across health plans, and provides clinical models, resources and support aimed at avoiding emergency room and inpatient use for ambulatory sensitive conditions, reducing fragmentation of care among providers and involving the patient in decision-making.

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Additionally, information from MiPCT project meetings and additional information will be posted by MNOHS on a regular basis. For questions about MNOHS’ involvement with the program, please email

Also, CMS has developed a tool to assist in identifying Medicare remittances associated with demonstration project payments. There is free software called “Medicare Remit Easy Print” that enables a practice to download the remittance advice file into a format that can be exported and shared. The link to information on this software can be found at CMS.

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