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Organized System of Care (OSC)

What is an Organized System of Care (OSC)?
Similar to an accountable care organization, an OSC is a community of clinically trained caregivers that has responsibility for a specific patient population. OSCs such as MedNetOne Health Solutions differ from ACOs in that there is more flexibility in how the communities of caregivers are identified, defined and organized.

Why it’s important?
An OSC model, such as MichCare, uses the patient-centered medical home neighborhood model as its foundation, also expanding it to include hospitals and specialists, including pharmacists andpsychologists so that all healthcare providers are working together. This allows all of us to manage a population of patients so that care is both cost-effective and of the highest possible quality.

What are the main objectives of the program?
The main objectives of our Organized Systems of Care, MichCare, are to identify the population we serve, track performance, establish performance goals and improve health care quality. We’re also working with Blue Cross and Blue Cross of Michigan to develop a payment model that rewards improvements in patient management.

Please review Primary Care – Specialist Physician Collaborative Guidelines.

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