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What is R-Team™?
R-Team™, Reshaping thru Exercise, Attitudes and Meals, is a 6-month program that aims to ensure kids and teens, along with their families, receive lifestyle training and education that empowers them to use positive self-management skills to live a healthier life. The program is comprised of a series of sessions that include interactive educational games as well as instruction on incorporating exercise, healthy food choices and positive body image into everyday life. Participants of the R-Team™ program and their families will work with a nurse, dietitian, exercise specialist and a wellness coach to learn healthy lifestyle habits as well as:

  • Education on meal planning and portion control
  • Tips for grocery shopping success
  • Fun activities on choosing healthy snacks and beverages
  • Group fitness education with an exercise specialist at every session
  • Discussions on self-esteem and body image
  • Support from the participants’ team of dietitians, exercise specialists and wellness coaches
  • Encouragement in a judgment-free setting
  • Motivation and goal setting skills for making healthy changes that last

Who should join?

  • Kids and teens ages 8 and up
  • Families that may be concerned with unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity or weight management
  • Kids and teens with a BMI greater than 85 percent

Why get involved?
R-Team™ provides a fun and comfortable place for kids, teens and parents to learn and practice new habits that pertain to living a healthy lifestyle. Kids are given the opportunity to grow together as they share their successes as well as their struggles in trying to accomplish the ultimate common goal; living a healthy life!


  • R-Team™ is offered at different locations in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb County.

What you need?

  • Below you will find the RTeam Medical Clearance form. Those wishing to participate in the RTeam program must have this form completed by their Pediatrician. Fax completed forms back to 248-475-5777. Please direct questions regarding RTeam or the medical clearance form to 248-475-4857
  • RTeam Medical Clearance Form
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